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Main Menu

1. Vegetable main dishes - which includes a variety of substantial main meals using different vegetables.
  1. a canoe of courgette with sweet pepper sauce
  2. a savory twist on afternoon tea
  3. NEW alternative mini mouthwatering courgette cannelloni sombrero
  4. aubergine caponata
  5. basil bean bruscetta
  6. bean chilli
  7. NEW beautiful leek and celeriac bakesombrero
  8. NEW broccoli and roasted red onion and pepper bake/crumblesombrero
  9. carrot and coriander soup
  10. cheat's lasagne
  11. cottage pie
  12. creamy pashley pasta
  13. creamy watercress soup
  14. crushed leek and potato soup
  15. NEW delicious potato-topped mushroom and artichoke casserolesombrero
  16. fantastic herby sausages/ croquettes/ rondelles/
    sausage rolls/ parcels...
  17. fassolatha (Greek white bean soup)
  18. NEW gorgeous Moroccan bean and butternut stewsombrero
  19. NEW gorgeous quick and easy cauliflower soupsombrero
  20. grilled grapefruit salad
  21. inside out cannelloni
  22. light Mexican bean salad
  23. lightly spiced chick pea burgers
  24. mango and rice pepper boats
  25. Mediterranean skewers
  26. NEW Mediterranean tartletssombrero
  27. minestrobe soup
  28. mini spicy bean burgers
  29. mini mountains of mashed potato topped with roast Mediterranean vegetables and quick mint dressing
  30. Moroccan-style vegetable tagine
  31. mushroom and herb provençal
  32. mushroom and sherry soup
  33. not quite a risotto
  34. 'nude' roasted squash and red onion medley
  35. pepper paprikash
  36. pineapple, potato and roasted red pepper salsa salad
  37. quick and easy fajita feast
  38. quick chicory and walnut salad
  39. quick cream of celeriac soup
  40. quick fling pasta
  41. quick herby tomatoes
  42. quick wrap mushroom parcels or tarts
  43. rice towers drizzled with warm tomato vinaigrette
  44. NEW roast butternut squash and carrot pate with toasted pumpkin seeds and rosemarysombrero
  45. roasted red pepper pesto pasta
  46. Shamala's soup
  47. simple ratatouille
  48. spiced aubergine and coconut delight
  49. NEW quick spinach soupsombrero
  50. sublime tomato soup
  51. sun blush, roast vine tomato and olive salad
  52. NEW traffic light squash boatssombrero

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2. Péché mignon - which is Ced's way of describing what translates as 'good naughties'! - i.e. puds and treats.
  1. apple and sherry towers
  2. apple crumble
  3. baked apples
  4. banana and walnut Welsh cakes
  5. NEW carrot cake bursting with juicy big sultanas and topped with sticky orange glace icing!sombrero
  6. chocolate fudge
  7. chocolate truffles
  8. divine chocolate pots
  9. granité
  10. Maggie B's lethal chocolate cake!
  11. malty made marion cake
  12. mini no-bake 'cheesecakes'
  13. plan b chocolate buttercream
  14. poached pears slathered in choc sauce
  15. quick fling trifle
  16. quick jelly cups
  17. quickest pud ever
  18. rice pudding
  19. sweet vanilla sauce
  20. toasted oat , raisin, coconut and hazelnut chocolate slices
  21. warm baked figs with berry sauce

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3. Miscellaneous - a mixture of pates, sauces, salads and side dishes.
  1. avocado mayonnaise
  2. baked red cabbage
  3. basic salad dressing
  4. basic vegetable stock
  5. NEW beautiful sweet roast pepper saladsombrero
  6. caramelised onion and chilli relish
  7. champagne sprouts!
  8. NEW courgette ribbonssombrero
  9. creamy spring onion and cucumber dip
  10. dauphinoise potatoes
  11. NEW delicious walnut, avocado and date saladsombrero
  12. NEW gorgeous health-bursting bean cous cous!sombrero
  13. hot chocolate
  14. houmous
  15. lemon dressed salad leaves
  16. minted courgette cubes
  17. minted sugar snap peas
  18. Mommy Morgan's tabbouleh
  19. mushroom pate
  20. potato wedges
  21. quick potato salad
  22. rosemary roast potatoes
  23. Scarlett's secret tomato sauce
  24. salsa
  25. simple leek and olive oil mashsombrero
  26. sublime port, cranberry and shallot sauce
  27. sweet banana smoothie
  28. wild rice saladsombrero
  29. zingy mashed potatoes or duchesse potatoes

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