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péché mignon | Maggie B ’s lethal chocolate cake!

Serves 8

This is our pièce de résistance! I cannot believe we finally managed to make a gorgeous dairy AND wheat-free AND egg-free cake which tastes this good - but we did it in the end and it's gorgeous!

Wheat free, dairy free, nut free, egg free version...




  1. Heat the oven to 150°C.
  2. Put the creamed coconut in a bowl and pour in the boiling water.
  3. Leave to dissolve for about 30 minutes, giving a little stir to help it on its way!
  4. In a mixing bowl, put the flour, baking powder, salt, cocoa powder and sugar and mix well.
  5. Make a hole in the centre of the mixing bowl and when it has dissolved, add the creamed coconut oil and golden syrup (it will look extremely watery at first, but don't panic!).
  6. Mix thoroughly until you end up with a mixture that looks like chocolate batter! Leave for 15-20 minutes if you can.
  7. Grease two cake tins by pouring in a tsp of oil and rubbing it all around the tin with either kitchen roll or your fingers.
  8. Pour in the mixture and bake for approx one hour.
  9. After 45 minutes, start checking with a knife or knitting needle or whatever you can poke with - it should come out cleanly with no uncooked mixture sticking to it when it's ready.
  10. Fill with the chocolate fudge and jam if you're using it, and dust with icing sugar or cover with glace icing.

Maybe serve with...

This is delicious on its own, or you can serve with fresh berries.

If you have golden syrup leftover, see the baked apples. If you have flour leftover, see the apple crumble.

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